Do These Now and Really Enjoy the Holidays

By Paul T. Mitchell, C.S.C.S*D, Pn1 


By this time of the year, many people have pretty much given up on actively trying to achieve a particular goal, and instead, are just trying not to gain too much weight during Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day. Here are three small healthy strategies you can use to not only avoid any holiday weight gain, but you may even see a small dip on the scale.  Do these beginning now, and you’ll really enjoy yourself during the holidays!

1) Chew more. The hunger hormones Leptin and Ghrelin tell your brain whether you are hungry or full. The problem? It takes about 15 to 20 minutes for the message to get to your brain. So, slow down. If you begin now, I promise you’ll be feeling better and may have lost a couple of pounds by Thanksgiving. Another great benefit to this healthy strategy is, if you practice it on Thanksgiving Day also, you can still enjoy your favorites, but will be less likely to overeat.  

2) Use a smaller plate. Here’s one that’s not our fault for the most part. The plates we use to eat dinner on are HUGE! On top of that, we’re just used to filling the plates up with food all the way out to the brim, or at least the border. Generally, that’s just too much food for one person. Try using a smaller plate. I promise your eyes will adjust in a few days, and you’ll actually begin to see this as normal. Less food on the plate means fewer calories. You may not be in control of this one on the holiday, but the days before and afterward is where it pays big benefits.  

3) Drink water before eating.  This one is huge! Before eating, drink a cup of water. Coupled with the first two strategies, you’ll definitely feel fuller and eat less, and you can enjoy the foods you love. There are so many other benefits to getting in more water, but for the purposes of this article, I’ll stop here.  

There’s a reason we talk about “practicing” certain strategies. It takes just that, practice. If you begin now and fail the first time or two, no worries, keep doing it. You’ll get better and better at each one until they become second nature. Now you are all set to enjoy the foods you love and enjoy the scale afterwards. 

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